Internship Offer


Applications are now open for Internship opportunities with FotoLine News Agency

All applications received before 31st Dec 2019 will consider for internships between January and June 2020. Internships will be not paid and will last for 24-weeks (21 hours Weekly). Certificates will be award with a permanent job offer after completion of the internship.

To apply please send an email to; [email protected] with Listening Post Internship as the subject and we will send through the application form. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the above email address.


– Internee News Anchors

– Internee Camera Man

– Internee Non-Linear Editors

– Internee Reporters

– Internee Visualizer/Graphic Designer

– Internee Content Writer

– Internee Writing Specialist

– Internee Photographer / Videographer

– Internee Story Writer

– Internee Correspondent

– Internee Producer of Podcast

– Internee Digital Designer

– Internee Executive of Commercial – Global Brand & Communications

– Internee Executive of Documentaries

– Internee Planning Producer

– Internee Producer (Discussions)

– Internee Producer (Investigative)

– Internee Procurement Coordinator

– Internee Programme Editor


There’s something special about FotoLine News Agency. Launch your career with FotoLine News. There’s a sense of pride that comes from delivering fact-based, in-depth news that people respect.

Headquartered in the City of Lights Karachi, and with close to 20 news bureaus Nationwide, Fotoline English tells the stories that other networks do not.

As the “Voice of the Pakistan”, the channel covers under-reported regions and events across Pakistan through a spirit of journalism that is honest, courageous and distinctive.

Since our launch in 2002, the channel’s news, online and program divisions have won many awards.

We welcome applications from all over Pakistan, but you must fluent in the English/Urdu language.

Should you not receive a response within 30 days, please consider your application to unsuccessful.

FotoLine News Agency has more than 200 staff around Pakistan. Our Business is complex, diverse and often challenging – we need to attract and engage people with genuine talent, ability and drive.

We have tailored our application process to try to make your experience simple and straightforward. Our Interview process will vary slightly based on your experience, field of expertise and region you are applying to.

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