ISLAMABAD : (FOTOLINE) Nawaz Sharif, Zardari can go abroad by returning money: PM Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD (FOTOLINE) : Prime Minister Imran Khan has made it clear that he will not give any NRO to anybody. He said only plea bargain can be allowed, adding that Zardari and Nawaz can go abroad by returning the money.
In an interview to a private TV Channel, PM said sons of a former ruler have approached two foreign countries requesting them to convince Imran Khan to give an NRO for their father. He said leadership of those countries has told him that they knew him better and will not ask him for any leniency for those, who looted this country.
He said Pakistan s debt soared from 6,000 billion to 30,000 billion rupees because of two NROs given to the leaders of PPP and the PML-N. He said NRO is not happening in Pakistan anymore as he will not be pressurized by any country of the world to give any leniency. He, however, said that this time they have to return Pakistan s money. Imran Khan said he has asked the Law Ministry to legislate something that removes these money launderers from A class jails and imprisons them into jails where any other Pakistani thief would be imprisoned. Why have we kept money launderers as VIPs?
He said PTI government has paid back 10 billion dollars on debt servicing on loans taken by the previous governments. He said we are focusing on controlling current account deficit and money laundering to relieve pressure from the rupee. He said we inherited record current account deficit of over 19 billion dollars, which increased pressure on rupee.


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